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The Master programme in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine supports international mobility with leading international universities, as well as the possibility for students to earn credits through exchange education and training programmes with Partner organizations.
Available programmes:
- Bilateral agreements in the framework of the Erasmus + programme with: University of Leuven (Katolieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium), Leids Universitair Medish Centrum (LUMC) of the University of Leiden (Netherland) and University of Cantabria (Universidad de Cantabria, Spain).
- Traineeship with: Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB - Bellinzona, Switzerland).
In recent years, a growing number of students have developed their professionalism and the European dimension of their training through residence periods abroad. Associated universities represent highly recognized European institutions, featuring reference schools (Master and PhD schools) in biomedical sciences and offer the possibility of carrying out research activities in a wide range of scientific fields covered by the Degree Programme. The students will thus be offered exciting opportunities to enhance their CVs and evaluate their interests in extending their careers in the international setting.
The Master course in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine offers second year students the possibility to carry out the entire practical training for the preparation of their final thesis work in one of the aforementioned institutions or with other institutions with which an agreement has been established. The student will have to define a research project related to his/her course of studies and curricular training, with the joint agreement of both the Unimi and the foreign tutors. The period abroad amounts to 9 months equivalent to 32 credits. A positive evaluation of the period abroad is required. The latter should be defined by the tutor in the foreign university, the Unimi tutor and is subjected to the approval by the Unimi Didactic Council. Erasmus students who obtain outstanding results, proved by an official evaluation letter of the foreign tutor to the President of the Masters Commission, will be rewarded with 1-2 additional points in the final Laurea Grade.
Besides general informative meetings organized by the University, the Degree course in Medical Biotechnology provides specific support to interested/selected students through the organization of specific informative session and/or meeting with the tutor for mobility.
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